#2008 J Crew has a handle on this menswear game

Ryan Kennedy and Lenz von Johnston.

J Crew showed my favourite menswear collection of the week this morning, and I’ll tell you why: Not only did I want to wear a huge chunk of it, but you could see just about every guy in the room thinking the same thing. Hello menswear that guys actually want to wear, it’s been a while. Here in New York there seems to be a bit of a disconnect between what’s shown and how guys actually dress – so much of what we’ve seen seems to miss the mark. A tailored jacket doesn’t need a leather armband around the bicep. Colourful camo is a stretch. Fluro panels on coats might be good for an evening bicycle ride, but I don’t know about everyday wear. Call me conservative, but I like my menswear with a side of realism. J Crew serves theirs up piping hot.

Vincent Lacroq.

Danny Beauchamp.

Bastiaan Ninaber.

Clement Chabernaud.


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  1. Mason says

    If everybody is that keen on ‘conservative fashion’, why don’t we all pop down to hallensteins and fill our wardrobe? 

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