#2009 The scene outside Gant by Michael Bastian

Mordechai Rubinstein: streetstyle photographer – Mister Mort.

I had an epiphany today while standing outside the Gant Rugger presentation. I was taking pictures of all the guys I always take pictures of, alongside all these other guys who always take pictures of the guys that they always take pictures of; there were other photographers shooting us shooting people and then I was shooting other photographers and then my friend Olivia turned to me and said, “Wait, who are all these people?” And it suddenly dawned on me how much of a bubble this menswear world is.

There’s the older generation of editors and stylists and writers who are well-established, and then there are the younger guys like myself, who, essentially, are just completely geeky fans. But we’re not just fans of the clothes or the designers, we’re fans of the entire scene and everyone in it. And I guess the need to document every moment stems from coming from places far away from New York City where we only ever saw these people on the internet or in magazines and now they’re right here in front of us. To quote the great Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr, “This is my themepark.”

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the menswear shows are the Comic-Con of fashion, and I’m this guy.

Lawrence Schlossman: blogger/social media hotshot at Park & Bond.

Andrew Richdale: editor at GQ.

Michael Hainey: features editor at GQ.

Mimi Fukuyoshi and Josh Peskowitz: merchandising manager/fashion director at Gilt Man and Park & Bond.

Jared Flint: style editor at Gilt Manual.

Nick Wooster: fashion adviser, Gilt Man.

Nick Sullivan: fashion director at Esquire.


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