#2013 Lacoste’s Global PR Coordinator Pierre Macaigne has an unhealthy obsession with magazines

Alongside the multitude of experiences this city affords its visitors, you can’t beat New York for the endless opportunities to meet people you’d usually only communicate with on the internet. This is Pierre Macaigne. He’s the Global PR Coordinator for Lacoste and we’ve been talking via email for quite some time. We caught up this afternoon and he was rocking a garment that I’ve been coveting for about three years – the ACNE X Lanvin denim double-breasted blazer (atop a navy Lacoste polo and jet black jeans).

It’s always a bit of a gamble for all concerned when you go into these types of meetings – you never know what to expect. Pierre was one of the good ones. He speaks perfect English, French and Spanish, has lived all over the world, and has a freakish obsession with magazines.

His collection includes every issue of W, I-D, The Face, Purple, POP, LOVE, Arena Homme +, Dazed and Confused, Interview, Harper’s Bazaar, Fantastic Man, American, French, Italian and Teen Vogue published since 1994, plus a fairly cohesive selection of 1970s and 80s GQs, spread across three different apartments in two different European countries. Extreme.

Next time I’m in Paris, a little Selby-styled shoot is definitely in order.


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  1. Fashion Westie says

    So, I take it by command of this post, that buying and hoarding magazines [no offence, okay, offence, but NW and Famous are NOT magazines people!!] is a totally acceptable way to live. Excellent. I’ll carry on, though I have nothing on this guy. I need to COMMIT…or at least subscribe :)

    PS: That blazer kicks my blazers butt.

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