#2019 Kiwis in New York – Georgia Fowler

The last time I caught up with Georgia Fowler for a meal was in Berlin back in July 2009. She was doing Fashion Week and I was running around Europe with a marginally insane 63 year old backstage photographer. (He shot lots of stuff like this.) As I remember, we walked to a restaurant about 200 metres from the show venue, she had the grilled chicken salad, I had fries, and we did what all New Zealanders do when they meet overseas: reminisce about home. Since then, I’ve seen her backstage at probably 100 shows in Auckland, Sydney and New York, and she’s always the most animated girl in the group – never afraid to throw down some shapes or climb the rafters.

Her enthusiasm keeps paying off – this past weekend she shot Victoria’s Secret, and tomorrow she’s flying to LA for H&M. After breakfast (she ate the omelette, I had the sliced grapefruit), we took a walk down St Mark’s Place to find a suitable spot for a photograph. When we came across this artfully decorated cow above a sign that read, ‘WE GRIND OUR OWN BEEF’, we knew we’d found it. GO THE KIWIS!


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