#2020 New acquisitions of the Chuck Taylor variety

So Katherine arrived yesterday with a suitcase full of my stuff from back home, which is awesome because a) I can try wearing something different than this for a change; and b) free blog topics. First up, and possibly the thing I’m most excited about, new navy Chuck Taylors. They’re the perfect pair of shoes – they work with almost everything, they look great brand new and they look great battered to death (check the fade on the old pair below). This is a good day.

Time to put these guys out to pasture. They’ve served me well.


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  1. Grant Hindin Miller says

    Call me old-fashioned but I favour the worn pair – and they’ll fit like a dream.

    Heard this the other day :

    “The essence of diplomacy is to think twice and say nothing.”

  2. Sartorial Savant says

    Nothing like brand new Chucks! awww, so so good. Makes my heart sing! worn in ones have their own appeal to- Grungy good meets Preppy good. How many shoes can claim to attract so many different people! My all time favourite shoe is the navy Chuck- no doubt baby

  3. Jimmy says

    The old pair look like it still have plenty of life in it. maybe a charity auction for the famous Isaac likes vintage navy chucks

  4. says

    I don´t think you should give them away yet. They still look really well and can be good to wear them in certain occasions. I mean I have some pairs like this and I like to have them on now and then.

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