#2021 Behind the scenes at the Mark McNairy New Amsterdam S/S 2012 Womenswear lookbook

In terms of awesome things I’ve had the privilege of getting up to in New York, going behind the scenes at Mark McNairy New Amsterdam’s first ever womenswear shoot was way up there. Mark McNairy is a true eccentric. When I arrived on set at BPMW 30 minutes after the scheduled start time, he was rifling through his bag of tricks which included a slotcar set, giant Rice Krispies Treat and a prize stag-head on a block. No looks had been styled, there was no official schedule, and when asked what was going to happen, he said, “We’ll see.”

Shot by Justin Chung and featuring my former roommate Corinna Studier, the whole thing could best be described as organic. At one point, Mark took it upon himself to tag the back of a white shirt Corinna was wearing in red lipstick; another moment had him wandering around the showroom asking bemused onlookers, “Do you guys have a rifle here?”

Special thanks to Mark McNairy, Justin Chung, Corinna Studier, Nicolas Lazaro and James and the team at BPMW for allowing me to shoot behind the scenes. The womenswear collection will debut at (capsule) Paris Women’s October 1 – 3. Holla!


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