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Hanging on the LES with Nicolas Lazaro from nickelcobalt and Noah of NOVH fame.

I went away to the university with the least school spirit in the entire world, I never stayed in a dorm, New Zealanders aren’t big on clubs or societies and if you said you wanted to join a fraternity, most of my compatriots would laugh at you. But here in New York there’s this actual, real life brotherhood of menswear bloggers that hangs out all the time. It’s the best. I now understand what it must be like to be part of a high school football team (holla at Friday Night Lights) and I now take back my cynicism towards jocks and their crews. There’s nothing quite like geeking out with a group of guys who will never get sick of discussing pick stitching or the menswear hashtag on Tumblr or the way in which Kanye’s lyrics perfectly fit Mark McNairy’s new collection (nobody knows what it means, it’s provocative). Bloglife.


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    Hahaha hanging out with other Bloggers is the best. We are lucky in Perth, we have a great community of fashion bloggers who look out for each other! It sounds like you’re having a great time in NY! I saw you flit past me at the lincoln centre during fashion week. I was going to come and say hi but you were gone in a flash! 
    I wish I was still there, your posts are making me miss NYC! Have a great time and keep blogging so I can live vicariously through you!


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