#2024 Today in New York: I shot behind the scenes at David Dallas’ new video

Andy Murnane, me and David Dallas throwing it up for South Auckland. Photos: KLowe

God damn it I love this town. About once a week I get to do something that ticks off another bullet on my bucket list: Today, I travelled deep into the Brooklyn hood to shoot behind the scenes at David Dallas’ new video featuring Bed-Stuy legend Buckshot. I’m a David Dallas fan from way back, but this song takes ish to a whole ‘nother level – it’s going to be a dance floor monster. I can’t say much more until it drops, but rest assured that fans of David and the genre in general will be quoting it all day every day. My full behind the scenes video and photos will go up the day the song is released, so watch this space. Special thanks to David Dallas, Andy Murnane at Dawn Raid and the Duck Down Records team for giving me the opportunity. Best day ever. HOLLA!

David Dallas’ better half (and last year’s winner of the New Zealand Journalist of the Year award), Leilani Momoisea.

Katherine Lowe.

Me and Buckshot.

Two thugs in the hood.

David Dallas playing up.


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  1. Leilani Momoisea says

    hahaha that pic of you and Buckshot is CLASSIC! Journalist of the year is taking it a bit far though lol, only won best radio documentary of the year 😛 Oh, and the Nobel Peace Prize.

  2. isaaclikes says

    Leilani – as any good journalist knows, you never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

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