#2028 Today in New York: I shot Katherine Lowe for the first time in months

Before I came to New York and made friends with a bunch of menswear bloggers, Katherine was my sole blog-friend. Back home in New Zealand we’d spend every day shooting photos, collaborating and talking shop then sit silently on our laptops in the same room writing on the internet. Last week she arrived in New York and we’ve become inseparable once again. Today I shot her for the first time in months in a head-to-toe look comprised of entirely new purchases – blue Yankee fitted, Harvard sweater, Uniqlo oxford and pants and Burberry dub monks. I may be biased but I’m sure you’ll agree that she’s never looked better. Here’s to old friends.


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  1. Julie says

    Ok, but I saw her at the Raise Up competition wearing girl clothes!  A white shirt, fitted black pants and tres chic black peep toe heels – I’m sorry but I think she looked even better than here! xx

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