#2030 Behind the scenes at the Hugo Boss video shoot with Tom Bull

Photos: Katherine Lowe

About two months ago, I got an email out of the blue from Men’s Health magazine’s Marketing Director, asking me if I’d be interested in presenting a video about the Boss Black Fall collection. I said, ‘Yes.’ After five executive meetings, three styling sessions, 400 emails and 77 phone calls, Tom Bull and I finally shot the short film in the Meatpacking District Hugo Boss store yesterday. First up, I’ve gotta give full credit to TV presenters – having to deliver your lines with enthusiasm, energy and some semblance of x-factor is incredibly difficult when you’ve got about 15 directors, producers, crew and clients wanting it to be perfect on the first go. I’m not going to lie, starting off, I was nervous as hell. My blooper reel must have been about a mile long, but we got into our groove in the end. The video will showcase three looks from the Boss Black Fall collection, covering off business, smart casual and weekend wear, and launches November 1. Katherine Lowe was on hand to snap some behind the scenes photos from the set. Check them out, below.


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