#2031 Rocking the Double D

Photos: Katherine Lowe

I never wear jeans. It’s nothing personal, I just like pants better. But now that I’ve got my Levi’s Trucker jacket (courtesy of Katherine, who bought it for me in Paris), my denim obsession is popping off. The true test of a denim jacket is how it goes with jeans, so today I dusted off my one pair and took it to the streets. Katherine was actually rocking a Double D look with Chuck Taylors too, so in terms of cute matching duos wandering around the Lower East Side today, we were right up there. In other news, I saw The Ides of March this evening. It was good, but most of the US election system references flew way over my head. If someone can explain the game to me in 140 characters or less, hit me up on Twitter. Thanks in advance. Bring on the primaries… Right?


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  1. Chris says

    How weird. I had to drop my Levi’s trucker jacket off to the second hand store in the late 90s as it had become outdated. Funny to see you wearing it in 2011.

    Not sure that I *think* that they should go with jeans – it’s too denim-y overall.

  2. Micheal McC says

    Try Triple denim or even quadruple and let the brilliance begin. 
    Levis Chucks, Raw Denim, Light Chambray and Cotton shirt with Trucker jacket, just saying

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