#2033 What’s in store at C’H’C’M’

Photos: Katherine Lowe

It’s important to have a clubhouse. Back home in Auckland if I need a little sartorial geekery I can most often be found at Crane Brothers, Fabric or Black Box discussing the perfect colour of a knit tie, the latest American heritage brand or the pros and cons of tailored versus layered menswear. Here in New York, C’H’C’M’ is quickly starting to fill the void. It’s located on my street, the offering is insane and the staff don’t seem to get too annoyed if I visit three or four times per week. C’H’C’M’ sells the perfect blend of casual and semi-formal menswear. Brands include Sunspel, Ovadia & Sons, Hentsch Man, Drakes, Levi’s Vintage Clothing and Monitaly, so you get everything from the softest tee to the sturdiest tweed shirt; that duck canvas blazer you never knew you needed to a pair of suede dub monks. The team were kind enough to allow me to tear through the store taking a multitude of photos this afternoon. Check the results, below.

Special thanks to the guys at C’H’C’M’, Noah Emrich of NOVH fame for additional styling and Katherine Lowe for the photos.

C’H’C’M’ is located at 2 Bond Street (between Broadway & Lafayette) New York, NY, 10012.

Telephone: 212-673-8601


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  1. Nomis says

    SWAG ME OUT SON.  Look 5 from the bottom is wicked.  Haha you’re styles been pulled steadily towards the street wear end of the spectrum since you arrived in NYC!

  2. lou says

    Issac.. the shop looks great. I am coming to NYC next month (my second ever visit) and wonder if you could list a couple of other shops like this one where you go shopping… need some inside knowledge. Hope you can help!!!

  3. anna says

    hay issac, anna lindsay here, wow small world, i just stubbled across your blog, i am going to have some fun times going through it. I just wanted to give you a hi five and say well done!!!!!

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