#2039 The facts of life

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1. Today in New York I have to go to the doctor for a simple prescription that’s going to cost me $188 for the visit, and extra for the pills. Later, I will buy a tent from a cut-price camping store and erect it in Liberty Square. I am part of the 99%.

2. You know those brands that you only ever see on the internet but never encounter in real life? Gant Rugger is one of those for me. I went into the label’s East Village store on Saturday and was pleasantly surprised to discover that I’d wear just about everything in there. It’s like a tweedier version of my own wardrobe, and the prices are good – $115 for a shirt, $150 for a sweater and $595 for a full wool blazer. Time to go shopping.

3. Also pleasantly surprising – Uniqlo’s final +J collection. The suits fit insanely well off the rack and the winter coat selection is unbelievably solid and cheap. I picked up a fully lined blue melange wool melton peacoat for $245. On the downside though, the shirts have a crazy body-to-collar ratio – super skinny in the chest and enormous in the neck. You’d have to be a fat-necked anorexic to fit them properly.

4. I’ve made no secret of my extreme dislike for the character Carrie Bradshaw. I find her emo, annoying and cringe-inducing. The show no longer plays, but that doesn’t mean that a whole crop of Carrie-clones haven’t emerged on the internet, spewing their overly self-analytical daddy-issue tales of woe for all to see. Thought Catalog seems to be their spiritual home. Kill me now.

5. I may be a menswear blogger, but I feel that there’s a bit of a disconnect between me and my fellow writers/fans of the genre/collaborators: Unlike the vast majority, I don’t like cargo pants, cutaway collars, twitter hashtags or the word ‘sprezzatura’, and I’m more interested in standing outside a big name show and watching famous people walk in the door than taking a tour of an artisan factory in rural Italy.

6. What ever happened to Emile Hirsch?

7. If you’re looking for a television show to replace Friday Night Lights, try House of Cards, the BBC’s 1990 political thriller starring Ian Richardson as a dastardly conniving Tory who’ll stop at nothing to usurp whoever happens to be in power at any given time. It’s brilliant (and available on Netflix).

8. “I swear I don’t give a damn/ 85 kilograms/ Six foot two/ Complex of a little man.” – Lyrics from my favourite David Dallas song, Ain’t Coming Down, featuring Buckshot. Watch out for the video coming soon.

9. I met … from Nice Try, Bro on the weekend and that guy is well-dressed and way better looking than you’d imagine an anonymous blogger to be. Plus he’s obviously a champion – he’s accompanying us to the ultimate party in New York City this Saturday night (see number 10 for details).

10. Attention New Yorkers: Come to the Red Lion on the corner of Bleecker and Thompson Streets this Saturday night to watch the All Blacks defeat France to win the Rugby World Cup. Sure, the game starts at 4:00am, but it’ll be the best party in the city that night. Trust me, I’ll make sure of it.


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  1. sand says

    don’t know anything of Friday Night Lights, but House of Cards IS fan.tas.tic! (esp. the first series). Perfect timing to conicide with new adaptation of le Carre’s Tinker  Tailor Soldier Spy for further backroom British political dealings! Is it the best British political drama of all time? You might very well say that Isaac… but I couldn’t possily comment. Ian Richardson = all class. Anyone else remember him riffing on this show in ads for Jaguar (or Rover?) cars in the 90’s?

  2. isaaclikes says

    Friday Night Lights is the antithesis to House of Cards – it’s a series based around the lives of a coach and his high school American football team in a small Texas town named Dillon. Trust me, it’s brilliant.

  3. isaaclikes says

     This may well be true, but you can’t tell me that none of the 99% owns an iPhone or drives a nice car or wears a tailor made suit. By Western standards it doesn’t take extreme wealth to purchase a $600 blazer. But to be fair, when I said it was time to go shopping, I was more likely to be steering towards the $115 shirts or the $150 sweaters than the $595 blazers.

  4. reiddamnit says

    1)Health insurance is totally messed up here agreed! Make sure you let your doc know you’re paying out of pocket, it changes what meds they prescribe.
    3) Uniqlo is a weird fit for women too, which is a shame because I like the simplicity of their styling

  5. Solidarity says

    Have you been down to the Occupation much?
    I know when miles was up he didn’t really give a s**t (in the nicest way) and it seems some of the other expats are currently too busy with Uni/Being Famous/Various other things. Just wanting to know that we aren’t totally letting the solidarity side down on the NYC front and would be really cool to see a NZe’rs view from home base.
    Oh and the comment below. Dont slag solidarity. Its more about the Hundred and eighty eight dollar doctors bill then how much one chooses to spend on a winter coat.  

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