#2044 Last night in New York: I kicked it with Lance Bass of *NSYNC fame

Tom Bull, me, Lance Bass and Ward Simmons. Photo: Katherine Lowe

Easily the most colourful character I’ve met over the past few weeks is Ward Simmons, VP of Marketing and PR at Hugo Boss. Last night he called me and Tom Bull to come meet him in the Meatpacking District. The last time this happened was after the Hugo Boss video shoot, and we ended up dining with film director Joel Schumacher; this time around, we ate with Lance Bass, who was totally awesome. Quite coincidentally, one of my regularly-told anecdotes involves Lance Bass. When I was living in Toronto in 2006, I was extremely surprised to wake up one day to find that the headline news item on TV was that the Maori Queen had died in New Zealand. But at about 3:00pm, the headline suddenly changed: In its place was a photograph of Lance Bass on the cover of People magazine proclaiming, “Yes. I’m gay.” The power of celebrity. Also coincidental – I sang Bye Bye Bye at karaoke last week. Sadly, when I asked Mr Bass if he’d like to accompany me on an *NSYNC duet, he politely declined.


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