#2045 As you’d expect, GQ editor Michael Hainey’s house is awesome

Photos: The Selby

Back in January of ’09 at my first Paris Fashion Week, I remember walking into the shows on day one and getting utterly starstruck. But it wasn’t by the celebrities or the designers, it was by the menswear editors, writers and bloggers – Josh Peskowitz, Scott Schuman, Tim Blanks, Suzy Menkes, Olivier Zahm and the rest. And then there was the GQ team, who I recognised from their Rules videos – Jim Moore, Adam Rapoport and Michael Hainey. When those guys walked into a room, their presence was felt (it didn’t hurt that all three clock in at around 6’4″). Since then, Michael Hainey has become a favourite menswear fixture of mine. I guess I relate to him on a couple of levels – he’s a classic uniform dresser (one season, I believe he wore the same herringbone blazer on every day of the shows), and he has that tall, tall hair. I’ve shot him a couple of times and interviewed him once, and he’s just as awesome in person as you’d hope he’d be. Curious as to what his house looks like? You’re not alone. Todd Selby’s shoot went live this morning and I’ve pulled a couple of my favourites below. And make sure you read the Q&A – you’ll find a nice little piece of advice for bloggers in there.


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