#2047 The facts of life

Drake, in happy times. Photo: Haw-lin

1. I have a job interview tomorrow. First time that’s happened in about four years. I feel like someone who’s been in a long term relationship and has to get back on the dating circuit – What do I wear? What will we talk about? Who pays? Do I play hard to get? So many questions, so little time. It’s an exciting opportunity with the mother of all media companies so I’m very interested to learn more. Who knows? Maybe they’ll make a 9-5er out of me yet.

2. I had violent, explosive, hallucination-inducing food poisoning in the weekend. The culprit: vegetarian Japanese food. It was hardcore. I spewed so hard that it bruised my oesophagus – I had to take codeine to numb the burn every time I breathed in or out. Quite funny now that I think about it, not so funny at the time. In good news, I’m no longer just one stomach flu away from my goal weight.

3. Due to said food poisoning, I missed the All Blacks vs France Rugby World Cup final match on Sunday at 4:00am New York time, but you’ll be pleased to know that New Zealand won. WORLD CUP CHAMPIONS!! ALL BLACK EVERYTHING!! I love my country.

4. Exciting news! Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with my recurring spot What’s in store – it’s probably the most enjoyable segment I get to do here on Isaac Likes (plus it allows me to go into shops and try on everything without the pressure to buy). Here’s the exciting bit: I’m going to be doing a similar piece as a regular installment for The Moment (The New York Times‘ style blog). I’m shooting the first one with Noah Emrich of NOVH fame tomorrow, and it should go live later this week. Holla!

5. New York celebrity spot of the week: Leo Fitzpatrick, star of Kids – a movie that I cringe to say was aspirational to me growing up as a teenager in 1990s Christchurch. Fitzpatrick may be better known as Johnny Weeks from The Wire now, but he’ll always be that kid Telly to me.

6. Toto is the greatest band of all time.

7. Listen, assface, don’t not reply to my emails for three hours then send me a message saying, “Sorry, been swamped.” Twitter is public you idiot.

8. Here’s a new verb for your vocabulary: Drake. Since the release of Marvin’s Room (and pretty much every other song since), Drake has been getting dark with his lyrics. He doesn’t trust nobody, he uses girls, girls use him, he’s having a hard time adjusting to fame, the money and popularity ain’t all they cracked up to be and life is just generally meaningless. Therefore, to Drake out (alternatively: Draking out), means to get into that dark, dark place.

9. Haw-lin, the image database where I get the majority of my Facts of life photos from, has a brother site I’ve just discovered named Hood-lum. As you’d expect, it features endless photographs of thugs playing up. Get in there.

10. Welcome back to New Zealand, Katherine! Go get breakfast at Dizengoff, belgian biscuits at Bambina, scotch fillet steak skewers at Tanuki’s Cave and a nightcap at 1885 Basement Bar.


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