#2050 What’s in store at Carhartt WIP – up now on The Moment

Photo: Noah Emrich of NOVH fame

Noah Emrich and I braved the elements yesterday to shoot the first What’s in store for the New York Times. It’s up on The Moment now, check it out! Above and below are a few outtakes from the shoot – note the Cypress Hill throwback outfit and the tee shirt/beanie combo which constitutes the de facto staff uniform. 1995 what up! Special thanks to Jane Herman and Bruce Pask at the Times for giving me the opportunity to do these posts on a much larger platform – I love this goddamn city!


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  1. Cory H says

    You’re a fucking faggot. That’s not menswear, that’s just clothes. Nothing more than layers of fabric to cover up your genitals. You are a poor excuse for a menswear blogger, quite recently you said you’d rather wait outside a show getting pictures with the big names, than say, take a tour of a luxury clothing manufacturer in Italy. See, stuff like that is why nobody likes you. ‘Pretentious’ and ‘phony’ are words that sum you up. Furthermore, I’ve never seen anybody as disgusting as your friend Katherine.

  2. Anonymous says

    dear isaac,
    forever keep blogging, mostly because your blog makes me happy! forever jealous of your new york adventures, you’ve officially converted me to the navy converse.
    you got swag.
    sincerely, megan

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