#2052 To be or not to be, that is the question

Carola Remer – a soon-to-be supermodel. Photo: tfs

Here’s a philosophical question for those of us who aren’t genetically qualified to be paid for how we look: Would you rather be a top model who books all the blue chip campaigns, runway shows and editorials – and who becomes fabulously wealthy and famous in the process – or, would you rather be one of those commercial models who works consistently with amazing clients – and who becomes fabulously wealthy but stays anonymous in the process?

The reason I ask is that The Cut has a great piece today discussing the ultimate bookings a model can land. 15 of the world’s top agents, casting directors and models were interviewed, and the findings were fairly unanimous: Victoria’s Secret contracts, fragrance or cosmetic campaigns, Prada shows, Vogue covers. Here’s the thing though: Bear in mind, that with those contracts comes a whole raft of other attention – Page Six gossip, the multitude of blogs discussing your weight (you’re either too fat or too skinny), magazine articles devoted to the terrible example you’re setting for teen girls the world over, etc etc.

I met this 30-something year old girl the other day who’s had a 15 year long career working catalogues in Hamburg, Miami and other commercial markets, and who has literally made millions and millions of dollars. The most fascinating thing about it is that she could walk down the street and 99.99% of the populace would never have seen her before. As far as I can tell, she has all the perks of the job, with none of the cons (besides having to watch what she eats and work out on a regular basis).

So, which would you rather?

Personally, I’d still probably prefer to be a Natasha Poly than an anonymous catalogue queen, but I’m more interested in the spotlight than most.

Answers below!


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  1. isaaclikes says

     Definitely. I met this girl at a party last night, she looks a lot like Magdalena Frackowiak in the flesh. Amazing face.

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