#2053 A sweater for every occasion

My obsessive love for sweaters has been well-documented over the years. Besides a well-fitting pair of pants, the knitted sweater is hands-down my favourite garment. I came to New York with just two – my well-worn maroon Comme Play v neck and a ripped to shreds grey cashmere v neck that I used to wear to bed until it was stolen – you know who you are. My first acquisition upon arriving in the city was an extraordinarily blue cotton pullover from Club Monaco. But then I got a taste for the purchase and my sweater count doubled in quick succession. Two weeks ago I bought a grey cashmere v neck from Uniqlo (it was on a 50% sale, how could I say no?), last week I bought two shetland crewnecks from Rugby in marled cornflower blue and pea green (also on sale at 50% off), then yesterday I hit Uniqlo one last time for a maroon melange lambswool v neck ($29.90). And now I think I’m just about covered. I’m still missing the navy schoolboy v neck that Mum knitted for me last year, but in lieu of that, I’m fairly sure that I own a sweater for every occasion. Time to get started on the pants.


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