#2055 The facts of life

Arthur Kulkov – a well-dressed model. Photo: Backyard Bill

1. Nothing amazes me more than seeing models walking into castings dressed in terrible clothes. I’ll tell you what separates a lot of successful models from the not-so successful ones: Great personal style. I’ve got a friend who has recently overhauled his look from plain tees, cheap jeans and sneakers to vintage army coats, rogue traveller hats, great jeans and boots, and he has literally been booking every single job since. Arthur Kulkov is a perfect example. Why does he get booked for every J Crew campaign, every GQ editorial plus Dolce and Gabbana, Gap, Banana Republic, Perry Ellis and the rest? Because he looks as good off the runway as he does on it. It’s a simple formula – dress well, get jobs.

2. GQ is killing it at the moment. For a flash of style inspiration, check out their daily video series GQ Rules. Brilliant.

3. I saw The Rum Diary in the weekend. The highlight for me, besides Johnny Depp, the cinematography and the Puerto Rican nightlife, was Amber Heard’s performance as Depp’s love interest. I swear to God, every single guy in the audience fell in love with that girl. And that is an amazing talent. I always think the secret of Owen Wilson’s success is that you want to be best friends with every character he plays. When people talk about a movie star’s x factor, that’s it right there.

4. Here in New York, there’s a common condition where a person’s talent/success doesn’t necessarily match their talk. They’d be well advised to follow this adage: Let deeds, not words be your adorning.

5. Listen to this song, it’s amazing.

6. Everybody’s been going crazy over Run of the Mill’s Vibram-soled dub monks, but as far as I’m concerned the real winner in that collection is their suede tassel loafers. Lawrence Schlossman wore them to the Blind Barber event on Tuesday night and they are next level beautiful. I want them.

7. Call me cynical, but if a guy ever says something to a girl that makes her stop and say, “Realllllllyyyyyy?” in a cutesy voice, the answer is: No.

8. Ever since I started in this business, I’ve had a goal: to one day be published in the New York Times. This weekend – knock on wood – that goal is going to be realised. Look out for your man in the Style section on Sunday!

9. Tomorrow morning I’m heading out of town for the first time since I arrived in New York. A group of us are driving to rural Massachusetts to stay in a farmhouse where we’ll shoot guns, ride horses and play boardgames. Apparently there is currently 20 inches of snow sitting on the ground – it’s times like these I wish I owned some weather appropriate footwear. But Bean boots are just so damn ugly! Nevertheless, it’s a price I’m willing to pay.

10. I’m growing a moustache this month for chaaaaaarity… SPONSOR ME!


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  1. Rebeccah says

    Yay, so into this facts of life.
    Horse riding is awesome, enjoy it! Get your cowboy walk on.
    Congrats re New York Times, here’s to the next level goal..
    Going to Teed Street Larder for lunch, will think of you.
    And LOVE one in a million

  2. Gray says

    Sometimes your posts really annoy me and I once saw you being a dick to a checkout lady at the Grey Lynn Woolworths… but I do give props where it’s deserved and being published in the New York Times is pretty primo. Ka Pai!

  3. AAA says

    Wow that last comment  came and went in a flash!? i agree with it if they’re talking about #3, Owen Wilson has the cringe factor! though congrats on #8 it’s impressive! have you seen ‘Page One: Inside the New York Times’? David Carr is a machine!

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