#2058 Hugo Boss with Tom Bull – the blooper reel

The Hugo Boss video I shot with Tom Bull last month launches this week. It’s a short clip showcasing three menswear looks from the Boss Black Fall collection taking you from business to casual Friday to the weekend. But here’s the thing: Do you know how difficult it is to say a sentence like, “Tom’s wearing a three piece tone on tone Prince of Wales check suit in charcoal,” when you’ve got three cameras in your face and 15 people staring at you? It’s hard, man! So to promo the finished copy, I thought I’d share a short teaser clip featuring yours truly stumbling over a couple of sentences. Hope you like it. Watch out for the full length video coming out this week to a computer screen near you.


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  1. Fashion Westie says

    “He’s a good man,” and “Don’t hold it against him,” I think I’ll pilfer these and chuck them into my everyday conversation for the next month. 

    Love me some good blooper reel. GO SON!

  2. isaaclikes says

    What you’re not seeing here is the American production company saying to me: “Say that again. You’re too Kiwi. Slow down. Talk like an American.” The lolz the lolz!

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