#2061 The facts of life

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1. When I lived in Toronto in 2006, I was always getting myself into trouble for my stereotypically Kiwi, sarcastic/mocking sense of humour. It happened again on Monday night. I was hanging out with a friend and this girl that he’s been dating and we got onto the topic of tertiary education. My friend and I had both gone to traditional universities and she went to FIT. So I started making a couple of innocent jokes about how she’d gone to an institution of technology and how she must have learned some good trade skills and how if I ever needed a button to get sewn on a shirt she’d be the one I’d call. You know, just harmless, light-hearted teasing between two people who’ve never met each other before. After about a minute she looked me straight in the eye and said, “I can’t be f***ed dealing with your sarcastic bullsh*t.” I apologised profusely – which she refused to accept – then in a final attempt to appease her, I raised my glass and said, “To FIT.” She got up and walked out. My friend chased after her and when they got outside she turned to him and said, “It’s been fun hanging out with you but we’re not going to see each other again.” I can’t help but feel somewhat responsible.

2. I’m soon to be homeless in New York and by that I mean I have to move out of my beautiful apartment on December the first. Help me, I’m poor.

3. Speaking of which, I ran into Rose Byrne of Bridesmaids fame yesterday at a cafe on Bowery. She was very sweet, surprised to be recognised, and spoke with a great Australian accent. Other celebrity sightings yesterday: Elizabeth Olsen with Lily Collins at The Smile, and Jake Gyllenhaal on the street by NYU. All in one day! Who’d’ve thought?

4. I made one clothing purchase this week: A white spotted navy knit tie from The Knottery‘s online store. It arrived on my doorstep the next day in a little box, it looks amazing, and the whole procedure cost me less than $30. The price of garments never fails to amaze me in this country.

5. I missed out on the three biggest parties of the month this week: Watch The Throne in concert, the Victoria’s Secret show and Versace for H&M featuring Nicki Minaj and Prince. Maybe it’s time I started getting my sneak-in on all over again.

6. THUGGED OUT SINCE CUB SCOUTS tees are coming back for Christmas! This time in two limited edition colourways. Read all about it right hurr it’s the remix!

7. The problem with living in New York is that it’s virtually impossible to not go out every night of the week. The problem with being me is that I can’t say no to the promise of an adventure. It’s an exhausting combination.

8. Imagine how witty and self-confident people used to have to be before text messaging was invented? There’s nothing clever about sending a glib text that took you 10 minutes to conceive. Clever is doing it off the cuff in real life.

9. Headlines is my favourite song right now. God damn it I love Drake.

10. I’ve been thinking a lot about honesty this week. Firstly because a girl I know wrote something personal on Tumblr that made me sit up and go, ‘Wow that’s impressive but I could never do that myself,’ and secondly because I just read the GQ&A with Drake where he said, “I want to be remembered as an artist that gave you a piece of me, as opposed to some surface bullsh*t.” There’s no doubt my blog would be wildly more entertaining and compelling (not to mention potentially shocking) if I wrote home-truths, but I’ve never been able to bring myself to do it. The best blogs are the ones where you really get to know the person who writes it, but I’m not sure if anybody could honestly say they know me from reading Isaac Likes. What’s the solution?


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  1. Rebeccah says

    Re number 1 methinks you were the scape-goat, she was trying to get out of there and you provided the perfect excuse.
    Re number 10, it really depends if the home truths are about you or other people. You’re walking a potentially dangerous line.

  2. Brogan says

    The girl sounds like she can’t take a joke and is far too sensitive, so your friend is better off. I think most people would have taken it as a joke, or if they did find it insulting at least defend their education instead of walking out. You aren’t responsible. Or maybe it is a cultural difference, being from London i guess a lot of people are quite sarcastic and blunt here too.

    Your blog is great! But if you want to try something new, go for it.

  3. Fashion Westie says

    1. Woah…back up honey, if you can’t take some ribbing, why you in New York? Why you in fashun?  Isaac, I think you saved your mate from a life of drudgery/drama.

    2. Join our Lotto syndicate- this may or may not help.

    4. Why u no go to Hickorees for me?

    6. Bout time fool.

    8. Are you going to start posting your free styling and mic battles?

    10. Set up a vip tumblr/blog and invite those who you think you could be this open too. Obviously, I must be considered. I like honesty [read as: I’m nosey] and am over the surface bullshit of most blogs. I don’t get into details on my blog but have started recording actual convos between me and the Boyfriend or my mates and putting them into my posts. It’s actually quite relieving that the people who stay followers, leave comments or any new followers are getting  real me and they seem okay with it. Ok, so I haven’t said anything important or profound or home truths which could cause a shit storm. But for you, if it’s fame [notoriety?] you want, be you, you’ll get it, just be ready for it.

  4. Jimmy says

    1. Ouch, yeah totally your fault :)

    2. What sort of service are you offering for a Fiver?

    5. sounds like a plan

    10. keep it real

  5. sand says

    10: so interesting- even seeing and hearing your voice on NZTM you were so different from how i perceive you on this blog. Ever since I’ve wondered if you have created a kind of character that relates only to your blogging work? I think the potential to project differing personas through different mediums is totally valid- each holding there own ‘truth’. i think it’s quite cool ‘knowing’ Isaac Likes without knowing Isaac Hinden Miller at all.

  6. Charlotte says

    Girl numero uno – BOR-ING. She sounds like the kind of ‘fun’ person you’d need to constantly watch what you say/be on guard around for fear of her going all “What chu say?” on your arse. And point proven. Your mate’s better off.

  7. Nicky says

    1: hmm sounds like she may have been teased about the subject before – perhaps in a less than pleasant way by some arrogant dicks, and so was particularly sensitive to your harmless Kiwi teasing. If you were the 10th guy to tease her about a degree she may have worked really hard on and valued – I could see how she may not find the teasing so funny/harmless. Just bad luck to catch her on the wrong day!

  8. Lani says

    haha are we just less sensitive to the uni vs. institute jokes because people are always making fun of AUT here? David: “I got my degree from a real university, not like your bullshit AUT one” haha.

  9. Harriet says

    I’m intrigued by the shocking… 

    But does anyone ever really know the person behind a blog? I can’t think of one person who I would feel like I knew from their blog?

  10. says

    Great post Isaac, love your Facts of Life!

    #1. I hear you! I lived in Sydney for 7 years and personally I found that Aussies are mostly so laid back and can laugh at themselves. Seriously, the amount of times I’ve offended a po-faced Kiwis with a smart-ass, teasing or ribbing comment, I have lost count. Lighten up, peeps!

    #5. Three amazing sounding events – boo!

    8# Agreed!! Same with Facebook status posts.

    #10. I think in an age of far too much TMI, esp on social network sites, you don’t need to tell the world your inner secrets. When I saw a pic of Mrs Ice T Coco getting a Brazilian wax on Twitter, I knew it was all over!  Plus some things you see on Facebook – totes personal and a bit icky –  you should keep some things to yourself!  I love your blog because you know what you are going to get – fashion, wry observations and good writing!  Don’t go a-changin’!

  11. says

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s “if I ever needed a button to get sewn on a shirt she’d be the one I’d call” that did you in.  Because it implies that the girl went to FIT for housewife-ing instead of developing skills to have a respected career. 

    I’m a girl and I can take a joke too, but at the same time, if I say I like to cook (for example), for some guy I don’t even know to reply “Well maybe you can come over to my house and cook a meal for me sometime” is rather offensive.

    6. Looking forward to the t-shirts.

  12. Stacyleeghin says

    hey buddy im from toronto and that girl sounds lllaaaammmee… most people i know back in toronto are super sarcastic and actually really into reading you left right and center.. all in good fun though.  maybe you sound hit boys town if you are there again to get a super dose of dry humour. honestly she is just sensetive because FIT is university standard but its an institution and all those places struggle with their identity because of it. Ryerson in toronto is like that too. it is common problem. to compensate these institutions usually have a  really heavy course load. I just know this from personal experience.. My first day at Ryerson they said to look around at the all the other students around you (four year fashion programme).. By the end of four year more the half will drop out. I dropped out after the first year.. My mother back in the 70’s did the same. The sewing lab is open 24hrs for a reason.. I imagine FIT in NYC  would probably be worse. hope that insight helps.. dont worry about though.. a girl with0ut a sense of humour is no fun anyhow. 

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