#2063 Behind the scenes at the Ain’t Coming Down video shoot with David Dallas and Buckshot

It’s been a while since I was hugely into any New Zealand artist – the last would have been Scribe and P Money in the early 2000s; and The Coshercot Honeys who I followed around the country in 2007-8. But I am officially obsessed with David Dallas: His album The Rose Tint launched on iTunes yesterday and I strongly suggest you make the purchase. About a month ago I got to join David on the set of his video shoot for Ain’t Coming Down. We shot all over Bed Stuy surrounded by onlookers – children, old ladies, thugs in low-riders, crazy old men who talked to themselves and pretty young girls – and they all wanted one thing: To shake hands with Buckshot. That guy is a legend in those parts. David Dallas and Buckshot have totally different styles on set – one is cool and low-key, the other explosive and bursting with frenetic energy, which was only emphasised by their extreme size difference (David’s a good foot taller). After hearing Ain’t Coming Down two times, I was hooked. Four listens in I was whistling along, another couple and I had Dave’s whole first verse memorised. The good news is this: Next time he needs a hypeman and his regular guy isn’t available, I’ll be more than happy to jump on stage. NZ’S FINEST!


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