#2064 Noah Emrich of NOVH fame shot bloggers (including this guy) in Gant Rugger’s holiday collection

Photos: Noah Emrich of NOVH fame

Another day, another blogger/brand collab – this time between my New York Times partner in crime Noah Emrich and Gant Rugger. Shot in the early hours of Friday morning at Gant Rugger’s Nolita flagship store, the group included photographer Justin Chung, GQ Eye‘s Sean Hotchkiss, Complex writer Jian DeLeon, Julia Jacobson from NMRKT and myself (the others came later in the day). The brief was simple: Wear one piece from Gant Rugger’s holiday collection alongside garments from your normal wardrobe. Noah put me in the red lambswool cardigan that I’d styled Emma Ishta in for Like the Boys the previous week, and I paired it with my R&G herringbone blazer, Uniqlo oxford button down, Crane Brothers pants and Chuck Taylors.

I recently started reading The COE Journal, which is this new website dedicated to exploring the effectiveness of menswear branding strategies. I’m sure that its founder will agree that Gant nailed this one – shot by a blogger, featuring bloggers, the brand’s guaranteed at least 10 posts straight off the bat from a group that includes some pretty hard-hitting names with some pretty enormous audiences (for the record, no money changed hands). Genius. And the best bit – we were all excited to be involved because we’re such giant fans of the brand. Many thanks to Douglas Geller at Gant and Noah Emrich of NOVH for including me in the project.

Jian DeLeon.

Julia Jacobson.

Justin Chung.

Nicolas Lazaro.

Nicole Loher.

Sean Hotchkiss.

William Yan.


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  1. Jimmy says

    Wait so they got you guys to style your own outfits, take your own pictures and write about them all out of your own time for free!? Someone deserve a raise at Gant.

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