#2066 One-of-a-kind New Balance US574s in just 12 easy steps (but wait, there’s more!)

New Balance threw an event in Nolita last night to launch their new custom shoe service. I tagged along with Sean Hotchkiss, Jian DeLeon and Noah Emrich of NOVH fame, and was happily surprised to find that all attendees were given a voucher to try it out for themselves. So for the past couple of hours I’ve been reliving my sneaker-obsessed youth and trying to design the perfect New Balance US574 colourway. Every piece of the shoe is customisable, with 23 different colours to choose from, plus you can even get a personalised message embroidered on the heel wrap. Hello one-of-a-kind sneakers. And here’s the best bit: The shoes cost less than $115, they’re made in the USA and they’ll arrive on your doorstep within three business days. Trying to re-skin a pair of sneakers is not the easiest thing I’ve ever done, but it’s an extremely effective way to while away an afternoon when you’re bored in the office. I suggest you all try it out immediately – just imagine the sneans possibilities. Below are a few pairs I prepared earlier.


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  1. Fashion Westie says

    I’ve been contemplating the options…3 seems a good fit. Meanwhile, I’ve been doing the same for a pair of customised chucks….

  2. isaaclikes says

    No, like I said I went to a party and got given a voucher for a free pair of shoes.
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