#2067 We shot Australian Sarah Stephens for this week’s Like the Boys

I first met Sarah Stephens at a Halloween party about three weeks ago. She was dressed up as Mrs Lovett from Sweeney Todd and looked so much like Helena Bonham Carter it was amazing. (In the clear light of day, she’s more a young Andie MacDowell.) I was feeling outdoorsy menswear this week, so my first port of call was Park & Bond to pick up the hiking boots they’ve put out in collaboration with Feit. Next, I headed over to C’H’C’M’ for the duck canvas pants, plaid shirt and woolen down vest. Justin Chung set up a makeshift studio on Sean Hotchkiss’ roof on Tuesday and away we went – I’ve gotta say I’m bloody pleased with the results. Check out the full set of images over at GQ, including a Q&A with Ms Stephens herself.


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    I saw this the other day on gq.com and couldn’t get over how cool she looked but I was even more psyched when I saw who did the styling! Props to you, buddy! Go the Kiwis!

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