#2068 Presenting the Boss Black Fall Collection video with Tom Bull

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally have the finished copy of the Boss Black Fall Collection video I shot with Tom Bull last month. Here’s how it went down: I was hired to put together three outfits from the Boss Black Fall Collection to cover off everything a guy would need from business to casual Fridays to weekend-wear; then to dress Tom in said outfits and wax lyrical about the merits of each piece. Like I previously mentioned, I have new-found respect for TV presenters – remembering a three page script isn’t the easiest job in the world when you’ve got directors, sound guys, lighting assistants, cameramen and the client all willing you to get it right on the first go, but we got there in the end. It definitely helped things out having Tom along for the ride. Hugo Boss sent me a special cut of the video which is slightly different from the one that they used on their site – you’ll see what I’m talking about at the end. And if you’d like to shop the looks for yourself, click here.


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