#2070 The facts of life

Rose Smith in my glorious apartment, shot by her main squeeze Greg Lewis.

1. In four days my entire New York experience is going to change – I have to move out of my glorious apartment in Noho and I’m going to be homeless on the street. Anybody looking for a wildly entertaining house guest for the next couple of weeks? Email Isaac at isaac@isaaclikes.com. From all reports he’s an amazing guy.

2. I don’t cook. I never have and I’m not particularly interested in starting, but since yesterday was Thanksgiving, I made a special exception and got my roast chicken and taters on with a bunch of Australians. I might be biased, but it was literally the best chicken I’ve ever tasted in my life. The recipe: one large chicken, lots of salt, lots of pepper, lots of fresh rosemary, two pounds of butter. Such good times.

3. I used to date a beautiful girl named Jordan Rondel. Besides being (in my humble opinion) the best dressed young lady in New Zealand, Jordan owns an amazing boutique cake company named The Caker, specialising in gourmet cakes made with as many organic ingredients as possible. This weekend just past was my sister’s 30th birthday. I called Jordan up and asked her to make one of her gluten free dark chocolate cakes and deliver it to Rebeccah. It went down a treat and I can still proudly claim best brother status, despite not making the party in person. Thanks Jordan!

4. If you can’t win an argument, correct the other person’s grammar. Works every single time.

5. I shot a What’s in store at Bloomingdale’s last week. That place is so fricken huge it’s ridiculous. The menswear department alone is about four times the size of Smith and Caughey. Navigating it was hard enough without trying to select enough clothes for four outfits, but the solution presented itself: Christmas sweaters. Possibly the only upside of a white Christmas. Give me shorts and pohutukawa trees any day of the week.

6. Concrete Playground is holding a competition right now for the best fashion blogger in New Zealand and I think everyone should vote for Katherine is Awesome. She’s winning right now, but get in there and make sure she takes it out!

7. If that girl or guy only calls you after midnight to hang out, they’re a dirty user and they only want one thing. If you always say yes, you’re an idiot and you deserve the heartache when you realise they don’t want to be in a relationship with you.

8. Quote of the week: “We’re all in the gutter, but some of us are looking up at the stars.” Oscar Wilde certainly did have a way with words.

9. I’ve been hanging out with Australian model Rose Smith and her photographer boyfriend Greg Lewis lots lately. She has an awesome Tumblr filled with photos of her taken by him. It would seem that whole model/photographer relationship cliche works in everybody’s favour. Get in the game.

10. There’s a slight chance I might be coming back to New Zealand for a couple of weeks next month! Bambina better stock up on Belgian biscuits, Dizengoff better save me a table and People of Paris better be playing somewhere good because I’m going to wanna party. Holla!


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  1. Bonnieevans says

    This quite “Bambina better stock up on Belgian biscuits, Dizengoff better save me a
    table and People of Paris better be playing somewhere good” is everything that is wrong with Auckland. And Jordan Rondel is cute as anything a bit of scenester & should go to pastry school

  2. Andrew HHM says

    Please refer to #4 Bonnieevans. You have typed “quite”. Did you mean to type, “quote ” instead?

    Hmm me thinks you did.

  3. LouiseTherese says

    #4 is the rule I live my life by. This week I had the pleasure of replying to a very unfair personal attack that was unbelievably badly written with an elaborate spelling/grammar correction. I could almost see the other persons head explode when they opened my response.

  4. Anja Jolie says

    On the whole grammar thing, I hate when people say brought instead of bought, or writing there instead of their or they’re. Grr. 
    Were the people you stayed with in Noho, Kiwis?
    Aww that’s so nice telling everything to vote for katherine is Awesome. She’s winning by a long shot. She’s soo taken it out. She deserves it … but you do too (:

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