#2071 The $20 Harris Tweed blazer

Photos: Greg Lewis

Tweed is hands down my favourite fabric and Harris Tweed makes the best in the business, so for the longest time I’ve wanted a Harris Tweed blazer to call my own. But seeing as I can never really justify the $900-plus price tag on a new one, I’ve had to go without. Until yesterday. I was wandering around a secondhand shop on the Lower East Side when I discovered one for a particularly justifiable $20. It’s a little on the small side and the arms are too short, even for me (I shorten the sleeves on everything I buy), but it’s still a keeper. Plus, it looks just as good on a girl as it does on a boy, as evidenced by the lovely Bridget Malcolm. I guess this is the menswear equivalent of a broke guy who really wants a new Porsche but settles for one that’s a bit old, a bit rundown and a bit decrepit with windows that don’t go all the way up. As they say in the real world, bloggers can’t be choosers.


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  1. Fashion Westie says

    Dude, iz way way cool. I like the Harris Tweed…but how will it stack up against my $25 Vintage Burberrys Houndstooth wool blazer? :)

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