#2073 We shot Jessica Clarke for GQ’s Like the Boys

Photo: Justin Chung

After a week’s hiatus spent eating Thanksgiving chicken and doing no work, we’re back this week with Jessica Clarke for GQ‘s Like the Boys. Despite the fact that Jessica is a New Zealander, this shoot was the first time I’ve spent any real time with her and I’ve gotta say that she has mastered the art of allure like no Kiwi girl I’ve ever seen. She’ll get you pushing a strand of hair behind her ear, with a tiny smile, or slowly raising her eyes from the floor. That, coupled with a vivacious personality – she went up to Kanye West backstage at the Victoria’s Secret show and told him she liked his greasy grills – convinced us that she’d be the kind of girl we’d happily allow to wear our sweaters. Click here to see all five photos on the GQ site, and as an added bonus, check out the video below of the girl in action. Amazing.


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  1. Guest says

    She is so beautiful. Friends of mine know her from school and say she is super smart too. Beauty and brains! What a lucky combo to have. 

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