#2074 What’s in store at Bloomingdale’s – up now on The Moment

Photos: Noah Emrich of NOVH fame

I’m a bad tourist. I’ve been in New York for almost four months and I haven’t gone up the Empire State Building, taken the ferry past the Statue of Liberty or visited Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys or Bloomingdale’s. So when I arrived at Bloomingdale’s with Noah Emrich of NOVH fame for our latest What’s in store for the New York Times, I was more than a little daunted by its size. Bloomingdale’s is a behemoth – the menswear department alone must be three or four times the size of Smith & Caughey’s. Everything’s bigger in America. Selecting outfits when there are literally acres of clothing to choose from was an intimidating task, but we got there in the end, with Christmas sweaters and Ovadia & Sons featuring prominently throughout. Check out the full post over on The Moment and all the outtakes below.


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  1. isaaclikes says

    The orange cords and jackert are by Ovadia & Sons, and the turquoise sweater is Polo Ralph Lauren – you should definitely be able to pick it up in Boston.
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  2. Simon Cordery says

    Ummm…  I love all of this!!  I am surprised you don’t already have a turquoise cable knit; the red trousers are super essential for winter….  Hmmm met thinks they will be just the ticket for a Vivienne Westward bowling bag I have my eye on.

    Thanks Isaac you have done it again!

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