#2076 Rose McIver to the rescue!

Photo: Tyler Shields

As a writer I’m always having to ask myself the question: ‘Should I or shouldn’t I say that?’ with full knowledge that people will get upset when I decide to throw caution to the wind and click publish. Back when I was starting out I relished that kind of thing – it was confrontational, it attracted attention and it won me a solid audience. It also lost me a lot of friends, required balls of steel and occasionally made leaving the house an unsafe exercise. About a year ago I decided that it was more energy than it was worth and that I’d rather have friends than enemies, and here I am today with a far more polite – albeit far less scandalous – blog. But sometimes I still get the old tinge and weigh up saying something that I possibly shouldn’t say then deal with the repercussions as they come. It happened yesterday morning in Los Angeles.

A bunch of us were sitting around the dining table eating breakfast and I made a comment to the gentleman who was putting me up. It was fairly innocent, very politely phrased and 100% truthful, but I guess you could call it a backhanded compliment. My experience with him suggested that he could take it, but I was wrong. He requested that I immediately leave the premises.

So at about 10.30am I found myself wandering the streets of Hollywood wondering what I was going to do. I have a couple of friends in LA but they live way out of the city and I didn’t want to bother them by asking for a pick up. But then I remembered Kiwi actress Rose McIver telling me that she lived in West Hollywood. I sent her an SOS text and she replied immediately, saying yes, I could stay, and drove straight over to collect me from the intersection at Beverly and Robertson Boulevards. This is a girl I’ve met on maybe three occasions. Besides being extremely hospitable and my knight in shining armour, Rose is beautiful and talented and can be seen in such films as The Lovely Bones and Light Years, out next year.

If it hadn’t been for her, I’d have slept in a bus shelter last night, so obviously if I ever direct a movie, she’ll be the lead actress. Thank you Rose, though we may violently disagree on favourite films, I’m sure we’ll both agree that you are the most awesome person in Los Angeles.



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  1. Louise says

    She is the most beautiful knight in shining armour I ever did see. I am terribly curious, WHAT did you say to your host?! And just FYI, if I was in New York I would have rescued you too.

  2. isaaclikes says

    I couldn’t agree more. Usually one would expect a knight in shining armour to appear in the form of a friends-zone only guy who always goes out of his way for a girl but she will only ever see him like a brother. Too specific? You know what I mean. Rose is much easier on the eye.
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  3. Anonymous says

    As an irregular visitor to your site even I recall the second time… When you cracked a joke about someone’s job/education I think…!!

    Bad Bahá’í!

  4. isaaclikes says

    This was a slightly different thing. I made a comment about the gentleman’s creative process and he got upset. It was merely an observation, not a criticism or a cheeky line.
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  5. Melody says

    Facts of Life, Nov 12th. Your friends date who stormed out when you commented on her tertiary education! Is it you or do the Americans take things very personally?

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