#2078 Today in New York: I met Gabriel Byrne

Regular readers of this blog will be well aware that I have a small obsession with celebrities – I’ll stop them for a photograph and a chat at any given opportunity, and I’m not discriminating in my targets. But Gabriel Byrne is an actor with particular significance to me: In 1988, when I was four years old, a movie named A Soldier’s Tale was released worldwide. Set in World War II, it told the story of a British soldier (Gabriel Byrne) who falls in love with a Frenchwoman (Marianne Basler), and saves her life when members of the Resistance come to arrest her. My Dad, Grant Hindin Miller, wrote the script. I was shooting a What’s in store for the New York Times this morning when Gabriel Byrne came and stood next to me. I looked at him, he looked at me, and I started talking.

“Do you know what?” I said. “No, what?” he replied. “About 25 years ago, you were in a film written by my Dad,” I said. He asked which one, and when I told him, he shook his head in surprise. “That’s so strange,” he said, “I’ve just been writing about that film. It was one of the first that I ever did.” He called his friend over to introduce me, told her the story and kept talking for a while. Before leaving he shook my hand and told me to send his regards to my father. Amazing.


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  1. Corinna Joseph says

    We kinda have something in common then…my Grandfather is M. K. Joseph, he wrote the oringinal novel.
    Cool stuff Isaac.

  2. says

    Holy crap Isaac!! A Soldiers Tale is of my all time favourite books. It stuck with me for so long after I’d read it. I had no idea your Dad wrote the script!! I am yet to see it but I’m going to make a point of doing that now!

  3. Jenny says

    And you look so good together – colour co-ordinated and very cool, both of you. And so lovely that M.K. Joseph’s granddaughter is one of your readers! What a small world!!

  4. Shelley says

    great story and great photo. Also great to know that your Dad wrote the screenplay to Maurice Shadbolt’s Chunuk Bair, which is one of my favourite NZ movies.

  5. Derekhenderson1 says

    Hi Isaac,
    i worked on that film as the stills photographer and spend the best part of 3 months in France. It was a wonderful experience and i did get to hang out with Gabriel for quite a bit of that time. He had an interested in photography and at the time i was reading the Day Books of Edward Weston. I ending up giving him the copy once i had finished reading it, we then had something common to chat about while hanging around on set…
    Its a shame the film was not directed well as the script was a good one..
    cheers Derek Henderson

  6. Ariana says

    wow. i just realised i know ur dad. 
    like actually. i had no idea when i started following ur blog! he stayed at my house years ago when he came to australia. i remember he gave my bro and i signed copies of ‘song of the nightingale’ as goodbye presents :) lol we actually love him! super sweet dad, super small world! great blog by the way…my poor little brain cannot process all these happy coincidences…i think it might srsly implode. i almost lost the plot when i read corinna joseph’s comment.curiouser and curiouser.

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