#2079 The customised New Balance US574s have landed

Photos: Greg Lewis

Whoever said: “Rocking the sneans is the most fun a guy can have without taking his clothes off,” knew exactly what he was talking about. There’s a reason you see men following Jerry Seinfeld’s sartorial example – it’s like you’re walking on clouds. I know what you’re thinking, pain is beauty, but you cannot put a price on comfort that looks this good. After about three hours worth of playing around on the New Balance Custom Shoes site, I decided on a pair of all grey US574s with blue accents. I must admit I got a little bit of shoe envy when I saw Noah Emrich of NOVH fame’s black, grey and orange pair, but I’m still pleased with the result, and I’ve been wearing them everywhere with every possible outfit (I even slipped them into an upcoming What’s in store for the New York Times). Everyone who attended the launch party was lucky enough to get a free pair, but at $114.95 I reckon they’d be a pretty sweet Christmas present for the guy who’s got everything. I’m even thinking of going round two. Get in the game.


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  1. says

    Wha-huh? You’re not wearing jeans. Sneakers and pants has always been acceptable. Hasn’t it? Surely it’s the very specific combination of sneakers and jeans that was the no-no.

  2. isaaclikes says

    It’s always good no matter what you’re wearing them with – especially jeans. You might notice the blue staining on the backs of the shoes – that’s from extreme sneaning.
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  3. isaaclikes says

    For those of you who don’t know, Greta’s sister is the extremely talented Maya Villiger of streetstyle blog Turned Out.

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