#2081 Behind the scenes at the Hugo Boss Holiday Shopping Experience with Chloe Sevigny

For a company running a competition that involved flying the winner into New York to go shopping with Chloe Sevigny, Hugo Boss definitely lucked out in the aesthetics department – Adele Fevrier, who took out the prize, was a megababe. “This is really easy for me as a stylist, because she looks great in everything,” said Sevigny. I concurred. Bryan Boy, teams of camera crews and myself were on-site to chronicle the three hour shopping extravaganza. The two girls arrived a little after noon and posed for photos before getting to work, running around the store pulling clothes off racks and trying on every garment in every available colour. From silk gowns to velvet suits, no item was left untouched, though Sevigny did advise her to choose function over frou, saying, “I just think she should get things that she’s really going to wear!” Bryan Boy, dressed in a glittery black HUGO tuxedo jacket, obviously saw things otherwise.

The highlight for me (besides Chloe Sevigny telling me she liked my Cambridge Satchel Company batchel), was watching the two girls get interviewed by Bryan Boy. When asked if she gets papped every time she goes shopping, Sevigny laughed. “No! Don’t be crazy. You know where they’ll be, so you learn to avoid the cameras.” Pressed for more details, she conceded that LA, SoHo and the Bowery were all spots that a celebrity was likely to run into trouble – budding reality TV stars, take note.

Adele walked out with three new outfits, ticking off eveningwear, business and casual. Asked what her trip highlight was, she replied, “It’s been a little strange with all the cameras, but also exciting. And Chloe was so cool!”

Bryan Boy and Ward Simmons.

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  1. Abed Nadir says

    Right there Chloe Sevigny reminds me of two characters – Cate Blanchett in I’m Not There and Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. And then I remember the film The Brown Bunny, and remind myself she’s good, but no cult character.

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