#2082 What’s in store at Gant Rugger – up now on The Moment

Photos: Noah Emrich of NOVH fame

Our second to last What’s in store for 2011 was shot at Gant Rugger in Nolita, a shop that’s swiftly becoming one of my top three in the city. First up, I’ve gotta give a mad shout out to Noah Emrich of NOVH fame for taking the time to shoot the photos – he had his four biggest university assignments of the year due the next day and he still made the effort to come out and get it done. What a champ. Gant Rugger was one of the easiest stores we’ve shot for the New York Times so far – the clothes are so similar to everything I wear on a day-to-day basis, and the space is endlessly shootable – everywhere you look there’s a quirky little postcard or college flag or stack of perfectly folded sweaters. Check out the full story over on The Moment, and all the outtakes from the shoot, below. And for the record, my apologies for being so absent on the blog over the past week or so, the TV show in Wellington took up every minute of my time for five days, and organising my life to leave New York took care of the rest. More to come soon.


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  1. Fashion Westie says

    What!?  “…and organising my life to leave New York took care of the rest.” You better clarify or edit this sentence as soon as you can.

    PS: I prefer the outtakes. Swish and Fresh.

  2. isaaclikes says

    Oh I mean that packing, doing all these New York Times stories, other deadlines plus the Hugo Boss thing really knocked me for six before I left New York. I’ll return after the European menswear shows in January, don’t you worry!

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