#2085 What’s in store at Moncler – up now on The Moment

Photos: Noah Emrich of NOVH fame

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I started doing the What’s in store series because it gave me a worthy excuse to go into boutiques and try on lots of clothes without the pressure to buy. Despite outward appearances, nothing freaks me out more than walking into a store, making small talk with the retail assistants, rifling through racks and then trying stuff on and not wanting to make the purchase. Moncler is a store that I’ve always wanted to check out but never actually have – for good reason, the jackets all sit around the $2000 mark. But thanks to the New York Times, I was given the perfect excuse to try on everything in store two Fridays ago, and here are the results. This was the last What’s in store that Noah Emrich of NOVH fame and I shot for 2011, but we’ll be back again in the new year with a vengeance. Special thanks to that kid Noah for all his hard work, and to Bruce and Jane at T Magazine for giving me the opportunity to do something I love so much for the greatest newspaper in the world. Outtakes, below.


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  1. Louise says

    Do you think I could start doing a What’s in store series too? (Despite my lack of any journalistic outlet) Because I tremble in my boots at the thought of going into certain stores and trying on clothes that I could never really afford without having a legitimate excuse.
    Also, you should wear that exact shade of green every single day for the rest of your life. Without wanting to go all crazed-fan-girl on you, I have to say you look insanely handsome in that jacket.

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