#2087 A face for radio

Photo: Noah Emrich of NOVH fame

I’m a big radio fan – my first foray into the wonderful world of media came as a 14 year old in Christchurch, when I used to read the community notices on the student station. Since then, I’ve enjoyed a long run of great radio experiences – my weekly spots with Nick D on the George FM Breakfast show, interviews with Noelle McCarthy on National Radio, the occasional phone-in with JJ, Mike and Dom on The Edge and most recently, a quite hilarious conversation about lingerie with the bad boy of New Zealand broadcasting, Mr Paul Henry. And just yesterday, I was invited onto National Radio’s Kiwi Summer show to talk about how to make it in America, the problem with hindsight, my celebrity obsession, why I’m always finding myself in awkward situations and shameless self-promotion. Check it out, below.


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  1. isaaclikes says

    Damn! That is a blast from the past! When I was 17, I ran a hip hop/dance music station for a week named Kick 96. So many good times.

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