#2088 The facts of life

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1. Tonight is New Year’s Eve – a time for mass celebration, mass alcohol and drug consumption and mass expectations. I vote you adopt a moderate approach: Don’t drink more than you would on any other night, don’t take more drugs than you would on any other night (and hopefully, don’t take any drugs at all), and don’t expect more from tonight than you would from any other night. If you drink a reasonable amount, you won’t get sick, you won’t make a fool of yourself and you won’t do something stupid like drive or have unprotected sex with someone riddled with chlamydia or HPV. If you don’t take drugs, you won’t get yourself into a potentially deadly situation. And if you don’t expect too much, you won’t be horribly disappointed. Have fun out there, and be safe. Don’t forget that if any of you gets injured or maimed or blinded in a freak bonfire accident, you won’t be able to read my blog anymore and then we both lose. So look after yourselves. For my sake!

2. For the first time in seven seasons, I’m skipping the menswear shows this January. It was a far easier decision than I imagined it would be – I love flying into Milan and Paris, but winter is a tough season over there and the advantages don’t always reflect the workload. So here’s the new plan: I’m heading back to New York on the 10th of January, staying for a week, then flying out to Berlin for the Hugo Boss show and party. No doubt I’ll be cutting myself once the shows actually start in Milan and Paris, but we’ll cross that blood-stained bridge when we come to it.

3. I’m going to become a vegetarian when I go back to New York.

4. Quite a few people have been asking me what I’m like in real life, how I’d describe myself and whether my internet persona reflects my actual personality. Here’s the answer: I’m louder, more enthusiastic and full-on in real life. Plus I have quite a ridiculous, over-the-top, impolite sense of humour which doesn’t really have an off switch. I like to try to turn everything into a joke, even when it’s not a very funny situation. (Try, but don’t always succeed.) Rest assured, I’m always laughing.

5. Attention bloggers: I think our collective New Year’s resolution should be to stop working for free/bad money/contra. It’s time to get paid! 2012 is the year to cash in on all the hard work of 2011. Who’s with me?

6. Some of you might have heard about The Honest New Zealand Fashion Blog – an anonymous site dedicated to revealing the author’s real, honest opinions on the New Zealand fashion industry. People love this kind of thing: It allows every passive aggressive jerk to come out of the woodwork and have a go at whatever it is that they have a problem with that day. Does it assist or change anything? Of course not – if the writer won’t even put his name on it, then why would any of the designers/magazines/stylists/photographers take his opinion seriously? Answer: They won’t. New Zealand doesn’t need the honest fashion blog. It needs designers with global vision; stylists and photographers who are committed to creating original, non-derivative work; and objective writers who will say what they really think with no fear of the consequences. That’s the way to change the game. Anonymous keyboard warriors are about as credible a source of criticism as baboons at the theatre.

7. As I’m finding every week I mention a song in this series, I’m about six – 24 months behind the charts; and you, my dear readers, never cease to remind me. So here’s my better-late-than-never call of the week: Watch Downton Abbey. Besides Californication, Entourage and Friday Night Lights, it’s the greatest TV show I’ve ever seen. Watch it online! Get the DVD! Rent it on Netflix! You shan’t regret it.

8. And here’s my favourite song this week. It’s called A New England by Billy Bragg. And it was released in 1985. Voice and guitar for the win!

9. In case you were wondering what I’m doing for New Year’s Eve, I’ll be watching Downton Abbey season two with my 86 year old Nana. I’m saving my party for Auckland – tomorrow till the 10th.

10. See you next year… OMG LOL ROFL.


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  1. Jimmy says

    1. as long as i have the right people around me any night can be a new year’s eve. I dont need a date to tell me when to have fun, tonight i am going to bed early.

    2. but winter menswear is so much better than summer!! how about giving us  Pitti…..

    5. that only applies to established bloggers, for all you no bodies wanting to get started it’s a different story.

    6. no kidding, i cant take any of the “facts” seriously had to double check most of his stuff just became pointless reading it.

  2. Chelsea Jade says

    Hi Isaac! Wondered if we may cross paths in NY this time (almost occured in September at one Liam Finn show, I hear) but it appears this could only transpire on airport turf. Ditching this city on the 10th. Wap wah. Happiest of New Years, Chelsea/Katherine’s friend.

  3. Chelsea Jade says

    A shared flight would involve some serious meta gymnastics since we’re going in opposite directions! And I’m a failure at science. Next time! And I’ll ensure Katherine is in tow.

  4. sarah says

    I have to say I completely disagree with your comments on the ‘honest’ blog.  New Zealand is full of great talent, but so much of what is produced, especially in print, is so so bad. But it’s also a small town, and anyone who chooses to speak up can quickly become a Pariah. So things never get said. I think people will often agree with what is written there, and therefore read it again. And maybe the effect will be a collective backlash. bring on a design revolution in our fair country. I’m all for it. And you cant deny that it certainly opens up a conversation. I  get really bored with the egos of fashion bloggers, and all the yes-men followers….lets love a little critique, even from anon.

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