#2089 The ultimate corduroy jacket

Photos: Katherine Lowe

I’ve been hunting for the perfect corduroy jacket for ages. It all started last (last) year when I watched A Single Man – Nicholas Hoult’s tobacco-brown shell jacket looked like the best piece of casual menswear I’d ever seen. I imagine it was Levi’s, or Tom Ford’s take on a Levi’s classic, but try as I might, I couldn’t seem to locate one for myself. Fast forward 18 months to today and I was checking out the new store LOFT on O’Connell Street in Auckland. Alongside a full range of suiting (both made-to-measure and off-the-rack), the store stocks Iron Heart denim and jackets. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the company, it’s a denim-geek’s denim brand – famous on the forums among those who care to discuss the benefits of 24oz versus 16oz cloth. The label’s corduroy jacket is based on the Levi’s Type 3 denim jacket and comes in double weave pure cotton cord that’s so rigid it feels like raw denim. At $499 it’s a little on the pricey side, but it’s still cheaper than anywhere else in the world (even on Iron Heart’s own site). Can’t argue with that. I’m sold.


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  1. Wedrac says

    that  cord is an amazing piece of kit.  not into the super fitted thing, but i would grab one of those in an (Iron)heart beat.   

  2. GrantNZ says

    I’m not digging the jacket. That color always makes the wearer looked washed out. Style reminds me of some Brit Pop era fashion crimes (replete with shaggy mop top and bell bottom jeans and you really would be sporting Gallagher brother chic!). However, those Crane Brothers pants are fantastic, both color and fit.

  3. Jetson says

    More often than not, I’m a big advocate of corduroy – and I heartily agree with you that the Single Man jacket is all sorts of amazing. But I can’t help but agree with Grant, the colour of your jacket really washes you out, and there seems like something is little off about the cut.. like the torso is too tight but the sleeves are too big – but whatever floats your boat.
    (In any case, those pants are fineeeee.)

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