#2091 And the new Little Brother Creative Director is…

Photo: Katherine Lowe

Nine years ago, in 2003, Murray Crane gave me my first job in menswear. I was a retail assistant at his brand new Newmarket store and worked there a few days a week while I was at university. When the Newmarket store closed, I went to the High Street store for a while, then the Richmond Road store for a long stint, and spent countless hours ironing shirts in the workroom and delivering stock to Crane Brothers in a white column-shift van. I’ve stayed in touch with Murray over the years, and his collections, made-to-measure suits and tailored cotton pants have been regular topics covered on my blog. I like to think we have complementary aesthetics, and we’ve exchanged a few thousand emails about the state of menswear over the years.

When Little Brother moved to Barkers back in 2009, I was fascinated to see how a much-loved boutique label would translate to being sold alongside a mass-produced chainstore brand. The first couple of seasons were pretty safe, the next couple got a bit more adventurous, we did a collaboration last Summer, then there was the huge success of that duffel coat in Winter just been. The offering keeps getting better and better, and I now have a vested interest in that being the case.

Yesterday, on my second to last day in New Zealand, I was appointed Creative Director of Little Brother. It’s a job I’ve wanted for about 12 years – back when I used to live in Christchurch, I’d come to Auckland for holidays and hang around the original Ponsonby Road Little Brother store until there wasn’t a piece I hadn’t tried on. Then I’d go back the next day in case anything new had come in. I’m a long term fan and I’m incredibly excited to be re-joining the company after a six year hiatus.

My first collection designed alongside Murray Crane for Little Brother will be Spring/Summer 2012/2013, and we’re getting started on it next week. The best bit is that I get to do it from New York City. It’s literally my dream job and I cannot wait to get cracking. Wish me luck!



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  1. Fashion Westie says

    I’m so freaking excited by this news!
    Excited for you, excited for the Little Brother brand, excited for Murray Crane and excited for Barkers….I’m rambling…

    Congratulations on the appointment to Creative Director, well deserved, well earned, well on your way to being a baller!

  2. Tina says

    That’s so awesome Isaac, congratulations! Soak up this feeling,  because it’s not down to luck, it’s down to all of your work over many years xx

  3. vulette haines says

    Woah, I am so stoked for you, that is so exciting! Congratulations! You earned it! I bet it will be the time of your life. 

  4. Jimmy says

    hay, this topic came up and you didn’t tell me! talk about secret squirrels [you and kat] awesome news congrats!

  5. Olivia McCaskill says

    Congrats! I still find it so… surreal and kinda funny that Murray’s dad was my art teacher, Murray is from my town (Geraldine) and he’s been so successful in fashion (Geraldine ain’t exactly the fashion capital of the south island – stubbies and Speights Tees are abundant among men). According to my mum, when he worked at my school (along side his dad, I presume) he always wore immaculate suits and was always fashionable. 

    I’m sure you’ll do an amazing job! I’m really interested in seeing more unisex stuff coming from Little Brother as well. Hint hint. 😉 

  6. Hailee says

    wicked cuz
    GOOD LUCK and well done, stick with something long enough and they so sick of seeing you hang around they employ you lol

  7. TicketyBoobs says

    As a Christchurch native, I’ve got to say congratulations to you. Looks like all the hard work is paying off!

  8. says

    Congratulations Isaac. This is indeed a fantastic opportunity and blessing for you! Reaping the harvest of what you’ve sown over the years it sounds like. This is a great inspiration to another aspiring menswear designer from New Zealand. I really look forward to seeing the 12/13 season next summer!

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