#2092 Return to Oz

Photo: Doctor Taco

I am back in New York and back in the game. After 20 hours of travel time from Auckland – LAX – JFK, I’ve landed and I am ready to work. First stop this morning: BPMW for a meeting about a video I’m shooting for (capsule) tradeshow, then a quick bit of writing, then a haircut, then dinner with the team. Feels good to be back! Jetlag, however, is an utter bastard. I couldn’t get to sleep at midnight so I took a sleeping pill, it didn’t work, then I stayed up till 4:00am obsessing about the first Little Brother collection and exchanging emails with Murray Crane about our thoughts for the range. At this stage it looks like we’re on the same page – lots of black with hints of 90s raver fluro and a sophisticated take on the map-of-Aotearoa tee shirt. (Just kidding.)

He summed up my appointment pretty nicely on his blog:

At 40 something I would view myself as mildly successful, happy and content with how my life is unfurling. I think that makes me very good at designing the Crane Brothers collections because as I continue to evolve so will my design principles and aesthetic which is how a good tailoring brand should develop: Basically as its clients tastes and needs develop.

I have also come to the realistion that Little Brother customers are still on the whole young or at least young at heart and that has created a conflict of sorts: Given I have always had a philosophy to design, make and sell things that I would like to wear myself I have realized that I am not the best person to design the little brother collection if my desire to keep it contemporary and relevant is to continue.

For that reason I am pleased to announce that I have appointed Isaac Hindin Miller as a Creative Director for Little Brother… I never want Little Brother to become a brand that is seen as past its use by date. I don’t want it to be a brand that rests on its laurels, draws its inspiration from back catalogues and collections and talks about the good old days. At the same time it was never my intention for Little Brother to be cutting edge.

I always wanted to design Tailored Streetwear and to give people what they wanted not tell them what they needed. One of the first collections we produced and showed was called 13 Unlucky Thugs. 13 years later (give or take) I think Isaac and the next Isaac and the one after that are the young, talented, stressed, incompetent coffee drinking people I want designing the collection; With my sign off of course.

In black ink not blue.”

For the record, I don’t drink coffee, but my incompetencies are many and varied.

(I’m wearing the Little Brother duffel coat from Winter 2011, a Uniqlo lambswool sweater, a Hentsch Man shirt from C’H’C’M’, Dr Denim chinos and Chuck Taylors.)


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  1. Jimmy says

    you got me, while reading the last two lines of the first paragraph i was thinking WTF!! re-read again then see the (just kidding). Got my blood boiling for a sec.

  2. says

    I’m so late on this, but massive congrats on your appointment Isaac!! So amazing for you. Sorry I was struck down with the flu while you were back…catch up soon I hope!!

  3. Jade_smythe says

    Was momentarily concerned with regards to the aotearoa print…hahha. SO glad you were joking! PHEW!! Looking forward to seeing collection!!

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