#2093 The facts of life

Pitti Uomo has begun. Photo: Tommy Ton

1. The world’s biggest Australia Day party takes place on January the 28th at Penn State University. My friends and I are all going. But instead of paying 50 bucks each to catch a train like normal people, we’re buying a bus. That’s right, we’re literally purchasing a tour bus. The problem is that I’m the only one in New York right now – everyone else is overseas – so I have to be the guy who catches a train up to Midtown, meets some guy off Craigslist and hops in his car to go to the Bronx to test drive said bus. I know this is all going to be safe and happy because nobody has ever gotten into trouble from a dodgy Craigslist deal involving thousands of dollars in cash, right? If, however, the bus turns out to be not a bus and instead a Saw-esque rape dungeon, you’re all invited to my funeral.

2. Despite being jet-lagged to all hell, I went out last night. Big mistake. I haven’t been able to get out of bed all day, and I don’t seem to be able to process information or communicate like I usually can. This may be why I agreed to travel up to the Bronx to test drive a bus.

3. Virgin America is my new favourite United States domestic airline. Not only did they allow me to swap to an earlier flight when I arrived in LA, they didn’t charge me for the change and they have cable TV on the plane. So good!

4. My friend Alex Norton and I are shooting the video for (capsule) next week. Alex recently directed this music video, for French band Birdy Hunt and I love his work. Hopefully we can do the menswear community proud.

5. Speaking of French videos, this is the best one I’ve seen, possibly ever.

6. I was at dinner last night and I turned to the guy sitting next to me and asked him what line of work he was in. “I’m a writer,” he replied. “Me too! What do you write?” I asked. “Film scripts,” he said. “Oh wow, cool,” I said. “Anything I might have heard of?” “Maybe,” he replied. “Have you seen any of the Ice Age films? Those were mine. How about you?” I paused. “Um, I have a blog.”

7. I’m staying at the Ritz Hotel in Berlin next week for the Hugo Boss show. It’ll be my first true five star experience. Here’s hoping I don’t knock over a priceless vase in the lobby.

8. My vegetarianism is coming along slowly. Last night at dinner I ordered the steak as my main with a meatball entree.

9. And then the doctor said, “If you keep your finger out of there it won’t bleed so much.”

10. Fans of Little Brother, young and old: What’s your favourite LB piece of all time? I’ve been thinking of a few garments that I’m keen to bring out of the archives, and I’m very interested in seeing if there are any you’d like to see again. If so, let me know!


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  1. René Schaller says

    Maybe some Berlin newspapers will write about the famous blogger, who damaged the Ritz-Carlton. I keep my eyes open…

  2. R says

    Detailing & cut was a bit hokey but one of the best concepts (not to mention palettes) in a New Zealand menswear collection to date.  Would love to see some silhouettes update to the standard that Crane has now. Go watch Withnail & I, Isaac.

  3. R says

    While we’re on the topic, Zambesi’s Summer 2006 ‘It Will End In Tears’ & Nom*D’s ‘C’mon’ had exceptional colourways.

  4. nomis says

    What collection was the tweed biker from? That collection was sweet, I was in crane brothers the other day wearing mine and the guy working there was wistfully reminiscing about that collection.  Also do some sweet cardies that will layer well under a blazer…

  5. says

    Err I didn’t finish that comment… I’m obsessed with reading about all the crazy shiz you get up to. Makes me wanna travel all over the show!
    Have fun with the bus mission…

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