#2094 The big chill

Hot diggity dog it’s freezing in this city. Today it got down to minus two degrees (28 Fahrenheit) and I ventured out for my first foray on the cold, hard streets of New York. Luckily, I packed heavy so I feel well-prepared to deal with the chill, but nothing can really get you ready for an icy blast running down the avenue that causes instant-hypothermia-of-the-ears-and-nose. I’m at a stalemate with the bus seller – yesterday he cancelled the 6:00pm appointment because it was too dark, and said we’d meet at noon today. Today he called me to say I should meet him at 7:00pm. How’s that for logic? I swear he’s trying to lure me up to the Bronx for an old fashioned snatch and grab with a little murder thrown in for good measure. We’ve agreed to meet tomorrow during the day and I’m taking my trusty sidekick/bodyguard along for the ride. Two thugs rolling dirty. I’m sure we’ll be fine.

I’m wearing: A Little Brother duffel coat, Untouched World scarf, Lacoste sweater, Uniqlo oxford shirt, Woolrich Woolen Mill pants, Moreporks socks and Mark McNairy shoes.


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  1. penny says

    Oh honey, -2 degrees is cold? Come up to Canada some time. -20/-30 with windchill is totally do-able. Bring that lovely sweater.

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