#2096 (capsule) A/W 2012 – the film

What beats walking around the world’s best menswear tradeshow perusing racks on racks of amazing garments you’re not allowed to buy for six whole months? Running around the world’s best menswear tradeshow with a video camera peer-pressuring stall-holders to perform death-defying stunts (you should see what Bahzad from Naked and Famous Denim can do with a pair of jeans), eavesdropping on conversations and generally making a nuisance of yourself, in my humble opinion. On day one of (capsule) New York, Alexander Norton and I did exactly that; with a little tea-drinkin’, shoe-shinin’, face-shavin’ and glad-handin’ thrown in for good measure. Featuring a whole raft of familiar faces like Messers Wooster, Mashburn, Emrich, Hotchkiss, Chung and Ovadia, here’s the full (capsule) experience in less than 120 seconds… Just in case you didn’t happen to make it along for yourself. Please enjoy.


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  1. Fashion Westie says

    I want to get my chucks SHOE – SHINED…while drinking tea… and watching a guy flip jeans for a living…this looked like a very civilised, well turned out, circus.

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