#2097 Bryan Boy, Berlin and Boss

This time yesterday, I was sitting on my couch in New York eating a cheese and egg sandwich from the deli downstairs. Today, I’m hanging with Bryan Boy and Ward Simmons at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Berlin. We’re all here for the Hugo Boss show which takes place at 2:00pm tomorrow and promises to deliver a fail-safe mixture of celebrities, top models and good times. Since arriving we’ve done a walking tour of the central city sights (including the enormous domed cathedral where the little old ladies manning the bathroom refused to let me pee without donating 40 cents to the coffers); driven to the outskirts of town to visit a costume store that Bryan really really needed to go to; eaten Asian food; accosted a few hotel staff and consistently been the noisiest trio wherever we go. It’s always a crazy reunion catching up with Bryan – I worked out today that I’ve been in more countries with him than just about anybody else I know, and he is always on top form. The above photo was taken in front of a slice of the Berlin Wall that’s been decorated with thousands of pieces of pre-chewed gum, some of which still has a couple of minutes’ worth of flavour left. Who’d’ve thought? Nein! Ja! Guten morgen!


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