#2098 The benefits of bad behaviour at Hugo Boss

Mathias Lauridsen and Taylor Fuchs.

The last time I went to a Hugo Boss show in Germany was three years ago in the summer of 2009. It was held on the outskirts of Berlin and featured a 10 metre tall propeller spinning at the end of the catwalk, a star-studded guestlist (including Adrien Brody and Sienna Miller) and a 100 foot long barbecue at the post show after party. I was not invited. In order to get in, my friend and I arrived three hours early and snuck past security to hang backstage and shoot the models before it all began. Today in Berlin, Hugo Boss picked me up from my hotel, escorted me backstage and then walked me to my very own seat. Whoever said bad behaviour wouldn’t be rewarded was a foolish man. Highlights included Bryan Boy’s sky blue HUGO suit (from the current collection); Karlie Kloss opening the show – I swear the girl is unmatched on a runway; Jared Leto arriving in a huge coat and scarecrow hat; the razor-sharp tailoring in crazy colours like royal purple and tobacco orange; a pristine white auditorium location with natural light flooding in from skylights in the ceiling; and the enormous white Hugo Boss umbrellas we stole from the buckets outside the venue (at this rate they’ll be appointing me CEO next). I’m going to check out the collection in the showroom tomorrow, but until then, check out a couple of photos I snapped, below.

Bryan Boy.

Marcel Castenmiller.

Sara Blomqvist and Jeremy Young.

Ward Simmons and Bryan Boy.

Me and Bridget Malcolm.


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  1. AMG says

    I can’t believe you went to the show courtesy of Hugo Boss, dressed like that. You would think if they were going to pay a lot of money to have you there that you would make an effort to dress up.

  2. bni niu says

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