#2100 The facts of life

Karlie Kloss for Life

1. Ever had that moment when you’re asleep on a plane and you wake up with a jolt just as you hit the tarmac and it gives you the fright of your god damn life? That was me yesterday. To make matters worse, the immigration officials at border control have a way of questioning you that makes you feel like a criminal no matter how legal you might be: “Why are you here? You look nervous. Why are you nervous? Is there something you need to tell me?” Kills me every fricken time. Despite that, the negative seven degree temperatures and the filthy brown snow, I’m happy to be back.

2. If luxury labels brought out crewneck sweaters with their logo/monogram/name-written-in-block-letters emblazoned on the front, they would make an absolute killing. Everybody loves those 80s Gucci, Chanel, Kenzo and YSL sweaters. Why don’t they re-release them?

3. The thing you notice the most about Berlin after you’ve flown back into New York is that the German city planners really gave their statuesque buildings room to breathe. Everything in Manhattan is so tightly crammed, you never really see any of it. Over there a cathedral, palace or monument is given the space to be enjoyed from near or far. Das ist sehr gut.

4. Insomnia will drive you crazy. I’m halfway there. But 12am – 5am this morning is a 100% improvement on the 6pm – 8:30pm of the night before.

5. A good friend of mine has been flirtatiously texting a lady of late, but yesterday he found out the lady was, in fact, a lady-boy. Probably a distinction you’d want to make before taking the relationship to the next level. Something tells me he’s going to proceed all the same.

6. “That uniforms like these are the roots of men’s formal uniforms—the suit, the tux—wasn’t lost on him. Neither was the fact that both emphasize theatricality and artifice. T&A, of course, are Formichetti’s stock in trade.” And Matthew Schneier wins the award for best written line of the Fall 2012 menswear season.

7. The more I work, the more I realise that there’s little point in compromising yourself for a job. Whenever I’m forced to write in somebody else’s style or cover an event I have no interest in or cut my personality out of a story altogether, I always know it’s not my best work, no matter how much enthusiasm I attempt to infuse it with. Putting out not-your-best-work won’t do you any favours. There’s no shame in taking a job for the money, but sometimes you’re better to just say no.

8. Bryan Boy is my hero. Every time I see him I never cease to be amazed and inspired by his dedication to his craft. Anybody who thinks that bloggers don’t work hard should try walking a day in his shoes – none would survive. He deserves every iota of success that he’s gotten.

9. I get to hang out with Coco Rocha, Sara Ziff and Jenna Sauers today. More on that to come.

10. If you suddenly find yourself panicking that your life isn’t going anywhere like I did yesterday, write a list of all the things you’re currently doing, and all the things you want to be doing. The difference between successful people and not successful people is that successful people set themselves goals, then exert all their energy figuring out how to achieve them. Not successful people focus on the negatives, then exert all their energy worrying about everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong or probably will go wrong. We create our own realities – positive thinking is powerful, as is the opposite. Be positive!


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  1. isaaclikes says

    Fair call. I blame it on jet lag and that bad waking up/customs experience. It passed within a matter of minutes.
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  2. Katherine says

    Re: 10 – Agree to some extent but it is not entirely true. Remind me to send you the big article about this in yesterday’s ‘Sunday’.

  3. Jimmy says

    always enjoy these posts.

    4. hit the gym hard and you’ll sleep like a baby.
    6. sounds great!! 
    7. good to hear, not keen to see this blog turning into a “barkers/little brother blog” yep i said it….
    8.I have almost no interest in anything he blogs yet i look forward and enjoy reading everyone of them. Amazing really
    10. sounds like you’ll just coming down from a high but it’s so so true.

  4. Louise says

    Great post!

    4. Take a hot yoga class in the evening – you will sleep like a baby. OR you could just get a great massage – should also do the trick.

  5. Charlotte says

    You’re living in New York. Your life isn’t going nowhere, you’re in the city where life goes everywhere, all the time. FEEL GRATEFUL! 

  6. Anon-A-Miss. says

    Personally I think that the term “Lady-Boy” is pretty offensive in the way you have used it. There are more technical and less judgmental ways to state that her gender was not exactly clear. This is a great blog and well written, you shouldn’t lower yourself to petty judgements especially when it comes to terms used for slandering a whole community. 

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