#2102 My favourite streetstyle shots from the F/W 2012 menswear season

Tommy Ton for GQ

The past few days have been crazy. Besides a bunch of freelance assignments that were due, I’ve been looking for my first ever New York apartment. With a 22 year old Australian. On Craigslist. I enjoy lots of things, but shopping is not one of them. And there is no more extreme shopping experience in life than apartment hunting in New York City. It’s you against the world. I had a couple of criteria: Live with one other person at the very most; pay a reasonable amount; never leave Manhattan. Here’s what I got: A three/flexi-four bedroom loft that costs a lot of money in Brooklyn. And since we’re both non-US citizens with no credit history or guarantors, they’ve asked for five months rent up front. And we said yes. Good times! In other news, I finally got round to looking at all of Tommy Ton’s streetstyle shots of the menswear season just gone, and these are my favourites. Holla.


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