#2105 Drizzy made me do it

Photos: Greg Lewis

Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, a guy doesn’t have any need for a pair of leather boots. It doesn’t snow, temperatures hardly drop below a balmy 10 degrees, and it might rain all the time, but that’s what cars are for. Here in New York, things are different: Chuck Taylors don’t cut it in snow, and wet feet will give you the man flu faster than drinking a cup full of pneumonia. So for the past few months I’ve been jumping puddles, holding umbrellas over my sneakers and walking miles in the wrong direction to avoid patches of sidewalk snow.

Selecting the right pair of boots has been quite the conundrum. LL Bean’s are practical but aesthetically displeasing, anything fancy is about a billion dollars too expensive and Clark’s, which I would have happily gone with, don’t do the job in shin-high snow. Then I watched Drake perform at the NHL All Stars game on Sunday night and my problem was solved; his classic Timberland boots were the ideal option – thugged out, sturdy as hell and 100% weatherproof. So I pulled the trigger.

I’ve been wearing them for a day and they feel like bricks on my feet but I can’t stop looking down to admire them. What can I say? They the best I ever had, the best I ever had, the best I ever had, the best I ever had.

I’m wearing: Little Brother duffle coat, Comme Play sweater, Uniqlo oxford button down, Simon Miller jeans, Timberland Men’s Heritage Classic 6-Inch boots.


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  1. Barber Drew says

    i got my first ever pair from shoebuy just a month ago… only the wide sizes were available in nz, wide footed blockheads. anyhoo yeah… that’s the boot for you .

  2. Jenny says

    I love the whole outfit – great colour combo and very practical as well as handsome boots. You won’t regret that purchase in NYC. And, just wanted you to know that, since you left, it’s been in the mid 20s C in Auckland most days. “Why does it always rain on me?” Travis 

  3. Louise says

    You have single handedly convinced me that I need some Little Brother in my life.

    Also the boots are great on you, perfect  choice. In my opinion there’s nothing hotter than a sharply dressed guy rocking a great sturdy pair of boots. Hello!

  4. Jimmy says

     raw selvedge and leather boots. cant beat the combo!
    now just need to get you out of that duffel and into a nice peacoat

  5. Stephanie Greene says

    ahhhh you have on tims! and they look good!
    I think people here in Chicago need to take a couple hints from you, you wear them well.

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